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Luca Grammauta, UAIG, GLO Spaces, Palermo, 2016

Spaces for dancing

Luca Grammauta renovated a 230 sqm basement in Palermo, Italy, overlapping wooden panels and coloured textures for a dance school and multifunctional spaces.



Liberty Danza is a cultural association dedicated to dance in the city of Palermo, Sicily. Designed by architect Luca Grammauta, the new spaces are the result of a renovation intervention of a 230 sqm basement.


The project included two dance halls with special larch wood parquet flooring, changing rooms, a pre-room and a lobby, as well as offices and services. The design concept is based on materials and textures. The original appearance of the premises has been respected in terms of volumes and textural finishes, while the additions overlapped the existing features. The materials used are concrete pavement, furniture, paneling and plywood doors.

Luca Grammauta, UAIG, GLO Spaces, Palermo, 2016

Luca Grammauta, UAIG, GLO Spaces, Palermo, 2016

GLO Spaces, Palermo, Italy
Program: dance school
Architects: Luca Grammauta, UAIG
Area: 230 sqm
Completion: 2016