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Frid Smelvær Høgelid, Nami armchair, 2017

Correctional furniture

Collaborating with the Bergen Prison, the students of the UiB Institute of Design created a furniture collection that can be easily created in the prison workshops.



The third year students of the UiB Institute of Design in Bergen have completed a project in collaboration with the Norwegian Correctional Services to provide the inmates of Bergen Prison with objects to either be made in the prison workshops, used by the inmates in the prison facilities or in the transitional or post-release housings.


Corners is an armchair by Amanda Ivarsøy Kovacs conceived to give comfort in an anxious everyday, while Ur, designed by Astrid Emmerhoff Lothe, is a standing desk with two table tops that allow to create various working situations for one or more people. Nami by Frid Smelvær Høgelid is an upholstered mattress and pillow open up for a versatile function and relaxation; Kamilla Stokkevåg designed Swap, a playful chair that can be used in an upright and attentive position, or in a more comfortable way, changing the position of the cushions. The textiles used in the project were sponsored by Kvadrat.

Lena Mari Skjoldal Kolås, Gerrit, 2017

Lena Mari Skjoldal Kolås, Gerrit, 2017

Correctional furniture
UiB Institute of Design Bergen 
Astrid Emmerhoff Lothe, Camilla Figueroa, Amanda Ivarsøy, Kovács, Kamilla Stokkevåg, Lena Mari Skjoldal Kolås, Madeleine Mikkelsen, Vilde, Sæternes Johannesen, Lea Naglestad Sangolt, Frid Smelvær Høgelid, Elisabeth, Frafjord Solberg, Tora Schei Rørvik
Year: 2016–2017