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Jungmo Seungyeo, Mist Lamp

Mist lamp

Starting from the qualities of Lycra textile overlapping the Korean designer duo Jungmo Seungyeon designed a lamp that produces a bright light.



The designers found overlapping Lycra to be aesthetically interesting. This leads them to draw up some new narrowed down visual language of this aesthetics. That’s how the idea for Mist Lamp arrived.

Jungmo Seungyeon, Mist Lamp

Jungmo Seungyeon, Mist Lamp

In order to emphasize the overlapping of Lycra sheets, a LED panel inside the aluminum shade is hidden making the lamp emit a bright light.
 An aluminum ring pulls down the Lycra sheet by gravity giving a natural look to it’s shape. 
Mist Lamp has two types of light, a focused light and a light ray of brightness to the space. 

Mist Lamp
Designer: Jungmo Seungyeon