Finnish Design Unwrapped

Displaying photographs by Jani Kaila and selected design objects, this exhibition presents the most interesting recent works of contemporary Finnish design.



Jani Kaila photographed designers in various situations: at work, in their spare time, outdoors and at the sources of their inspiration. His individual and carefully selected angles of view provide a new perspective on the Finnish idiom of form. Also Kaila's many years of professional work abroad in London introduce an element of objectivity. "I wanted to understand how designers work and relax; where they get their ideas from. I photographed them as freely as possible, in settings that they felt to be most natural to them. It was important to preserve a natural atmosphere, because I wanted viewer to sense how the environment is reflected in the choices made by designers. This process was highly rewarding for me, as I got to know designers personally, and learned to understand their work and working processes," notes photographer Jani Kaila.

Kaila chose alongside a modern selection of objects – furniture, lamps, art installations, glass and ceramics – minimalist, light works in stand-dried "kelo" timber and modernized traditional Finnish felt shoes. High technology is represented by speakers designed by Harri Koskinen for the Genelec Company. There are also several design objects made from recycled materials. "I sought to present the products in as vivid a manner as possible, letting their essential features come forth. It was great to see how glass took shape in the hands of an experienced glassblower, to follow the creation of a ceramic piece, and to see shoes being made. I hope my photographs pass on to viewers the inspiration that underlies designed objects," says Jani Kaila.

Top: Anu Penttinen, Vitriini, for Iittala; above: portrait of Nathalie Lahdenmaki

Alongside portraits of 19 designers, Finnish Design Unwrapped includes photographs of their work and a selection of manufactured products and prototypes. The designers featured in the exhibition are Tapio Anttila, Aki Choklat, Tuomas Ervamaa, Jonas Hakaniemi, Maria Jauhiainen, Harri Koskinen, Veera Kulju, Nathalie Lahdenmäki, Jatta Lavi, Stefan Lindfors, Julia Lundsten, Mikko Paakkanen, Anu Penttinen, Päivi Raivio, Markku Salo, Ilkka Suppanen, Mika Tolvanen, Rane Vaskivuori and Lotta Veromaa.
Finnish Design Unwrapped opens Design Museum's Design Gallery 12 series of exhibitions. The Design Museum's entire 2012 programme is related to the design capital activities.

Ilkka Suppanen, Rosebud Chair for Vivero

Finnish Design Unwrapped
Until 29.1.2012
Design Museum

Stefan Lindfors, Ego for Iittala

Portrait of Aki Choklat