Local Sitting

Nil 28 sets up a 100-metre-long table for a dinner open to local firms in via Cadolini, Milan's new creative hub.


Salone-2011 / Paolo Ceresatto

NIL28, a group promoting local identity, was formed to represent the south-east zone of Milan, from viale Umbria to viale Molise. This is a creative area teeming with promising young firms and more established ones that all want to network and consolidate its identity as a creative hub. The association is headed by Metrogramma but includes many other well-known firms—5+1 AA, dotdotdot, blob creative group, Salottobuono, to name but a few.

This year they invited all the local creative companies and associations to a dinner in via Cadolini—at a table more than 100 metres long in which every office participated by paying a membership fee to purchase 4 metres of table each, which they then personalised themselves.

Surely the process commenced today will lead to the recognition of this new creative Milanese hub in coming years. In the meanwhile, we cannot wait for the FuoriSalone 2012.

Two views of the 100-metre-long table. Above: dotdotdot: Giovanna Gardi, Laura Dellamotta, Fabrizio Pignoloni (Alessandro Masserdotti, not pictured) with their Stool project

User manual by dotdotdot to build your own stool

dotdotdot's model

Andrea Boschetti and Alberto Francini, Metrogramma studio

Detail of Metrogramma studio's photomontage