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Clinics of Moscow University

Clinics of Moscow University


News / Sergei Jargin

The clinics of Moscow University (today belonging to I.M. Sechenov Medical Academy), constructed during the 1880-90s, represent one of the best preserved architectural ensembles from the 19th century in the whole Moscow.
Many edifices survive until today without major external reconstruction, although some of them changed their purpose. For example, the Institute of Pathology (constructed in 1891) housed originally the Institutes of pathological anatomy, topographical anatomy with operative surgery and forensic medicine (fig. 4, 5).
Only the latter remains in its original place; the other two were replaced by administrative departments after reconstruction of the interior.

Fig. 4, 5 Institute of Pathology: 1990 and today.
Fig. 6, 7 Neurological clinic: only the central part with the entrance has been preserved from the original building.
Fig 8, 9 Psychiatric clinic: the original edifice is well preserved.
Fig. 10 A pseudo-traditional building inserted among the old clinics.

Contemporary images 2010
Historic images from: Medical Faculty of Moscow University, Album of graduates, 1900