LYN Atelier: Hub 67 - Architecture - Domus
LYN Atelier, Hub 67, Hackney Wick, London

LYN Atelier: Hub 67

Using the recycled material from the London Olympic Games LYN Atelier, in collaborarion with the local community, built a temporary community center in Hackney Wick, London.



Hub 67 is a community centre in Hackney Wick, constructed with recycled material from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The building is designed for three to five years use and embraces a temporary and recycled aesthetic adding to the local architectural palette with a high quality design. The facade and a central chandelier were designed and built with the local community, creating ownership at the heart of the project.

Hub 67 was a pilot project exploring the reuse of material from the Games. Meeting building regulations and limiting the use of new materials, and de-constructing existing structures to create something new required an innovative approach to design, construction, specification and tendering.

Hub 67, Hackney Wick, London
Program: community centre
Architects: LYN Atelier
Project Manager: Mace
Client: London Legacy Development Corporation
Budget: £350,000
Area: 240 sqm
Completion: 2014