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The difficult whole

The book published by Park Books presents a rereading of the rise of Robert Venturi expressed in different ways: a written one, with diverse contributions from the editors, and a visual one, with a selection of projects from the studio’s archive.


Reviews / Raffaella Poletti


The whole world, mapped

To celebrate its 128 years, National Geographic has united some of its most interesting infographics in a book by Taschen that shows how the magazine has refused to let software hijack its visualisations.


Reviews / Stefania Garassini

Alfredo Pirri: RWD – FWD

Surprising and meticulous, the Alfredo Pirri archive provides an understanding of key stages in the artist’s development while at the same time casting light on certain moments in Italy’s artistic path.


Art / Ilaria Gianni


Exhibiting the Postmodern

This book by Léa-Catherine Szacka is a prodigious body of research tracing the path that catalysed a “decisive schism” in the architectural world: the conceptual shift from Modernism to Postmodernism.


Reviews / James Taylor-Foster


Scarcity and Supply

With 417 exhibits by 315 artists of 39 different nationalities, the third annual Nanjing International Art Festival shows a mobile, fluid sense of geopolitics that is of great importance for everybody.


Art / Gabi Scardi

A European Baedeker

The Fundació Mies van der Rohe has compiled an exceptional 800-page volume containing the results of every edition of the award founded in 1988. It is a tour of the “best” architectures that, in their diversity, have helped to shape the European territory.


Reviews / Raffaella Poletti