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Spaces Milano

Designed by Laboratorio Permanente, Spaces Milano relies on combining the informal model of coworkings with the sensible aesthetic and rigorousness of the city.




Captain’s House

Renovated by Vector Architects in the Huangqi Peninsula, in China, the house features a vault that connects two sides of sea landscape with dramatically different traits.



Highland Sheep Shelter

This granite farm in Aberdeenshire has been sensitively converted into a temporary workspace by Moxon Architects, which used robust materials, such as wood and steel.




Seismic Italy

Italian reconstruction is of the quantitative, not the qualitative type: the seismic sequence that has been devastating the country nonstop since 2009 has laid bare a cultural outlook. It shows behaviour oblivious to the events that have occurred over the past 50 years in the history of Italian earthquakes.


Architecture / Matteo Agnoletto


OMA: White Cube

Located in the heart of a plantation system, the research center designed by OMA in Congo aims to become a vector for a social and ecological shift.



Photography Pavilion

Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed an art pavilion in Le Puy Ste Réparade, France, carving a 6 meters deep valley in the earth so as to fully incorporate the building into the vineyard.