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Masquespacio, La Manera gastrobar, Valencia, 2017


Masquespacio had the challenge to combine a breakfast cafè, a restaurant and a cocktail bar in one single space in Valencia, recreating a Mediterranean feel.



Masquespacio designed the new interiors for La Manera, a gastrobar in the heart of Valencia, combining hospitality and gastronomy for day and night with a space suitable for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails.


Since the gastrobar is focused on biological and first quality ingredients, the Spanish studio looked for natural materials, preserving the existing building bricks and adding a rusty finishing on the walls, lamps and bar. A touch of warmth was added through brown soft leather and cushions made of different fabrics, and indoor plants. The lighting was a highly important feature since it had to adapt to the different atmospheres required during the day.

Masquespacio, La Manera gastrobar, Valencia, 2017

Masquespacio, La Manera gastrobar, Valencia, 2017

La Manera, Valencia, Spain
Program: restaurant
Architects: Masquespacio
Completion: 2016