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Missy Lui

Missy Lui

The shop philosophy focused on natural products influenced Anne-Sophie Poirier, who used a limited palette of materials to gave a minimalist yet warm look to this nail spa in Armadale.



Located on the busy High St in Armadale, Missy Lui is a nail salon focused on healthy and environmentally friendly nail caring.

This philosophy initiated the brief given to Anne-Sophie Poirier, the Melbourne-based French designer behind the shop fit out. By using a limited palette of materials, including solid Tasmanian oak, bamboo flooring, pastel colours and hanging plants, Anne-Sophie gave a minimalist yet humble, warm and welcoming look to the venue.

The manicure tables are designed to delimit a space of intimacy between client and nail carer. The various elements are designed to be easily removed and reinstalled to another venue, therefore optimising the cost and lifespan of materials.

Missy Lui, Armadale, Australia
Program: beauty salon
Design: Anne-Sophie Poirier
Area: 65 sqm
Completion: 2014