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Domus India, August 2014




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Domus India 31 features an essay on the primacy of ‘drawing’, through aspects such as line and tone.

It looks at a photo-essay from Sidhpur; a town eroded in history, yet not robbed of its archaic and grandiose architecture. The Versova Mangroves Conservation initiative gives insight into the engagement of the citizens with their immediate environment. Further, in Rahul Mehrotra’s Hathigaon project in Jaipur, architecture finds expression through sustainability. Architecture BRIO’s Pavilion for underprivileged children too draws from the same ethos — the capacity to multiply life — while a leisure home in Alibaug positions itself in the landscape to offer its residents scenic views.

Domus India 31, August 2014, cover

Domus India 31, August 2014, cover