Ultramarine - Design - Domus
Joel Klemetti, Taipuva


Inspired from Cennino Cennini’s praise of blue in his Libro dell’Arte – written in 1473 –, students of the Aalto University presented in Stockholm fourteen easychairs, all made of ultramarine plywood and black steel tube.



The Aalto University “Ultramarine” exhibition presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair fourteen easychairs designed by first year furniture design master students.

The chairs are made of 1,5 mm thick airplane grade plywood and 15x15 mm steel tube, all painted black and ultramarine blue.

Anna Lampinen, Jumper chair

Top: Joel Klemetti, Taipuva. Above: Anna Lampinen, Jumper chair

“This plywood is an extremely durable yet also mouldable material, which was first made use of in aircraft construction during World War II”, explains university lecturer Martin Relander “The 1.5mm plywood used for the chairs was manufactured in Finland from Finnish birch trees. For making light armchair prototypes there is probably no better material in existence.”

The Ultramarine exercise brings together the important issues of furniture design, including structure, composition, function and most important of all, the personal artistic expression of the designer.

All the prototypes are made by the students, with the help of wood and metal workshop masters, emphasizing the importance of constructional thinking.

Aalto University
Teachers: Jouko Järvisalo, Martin Relander and Noora Liesimaa
Students: Zsuzsanna Horvath, Henri Judin, Joel Klemetti, Anna Lampinen, Weera Luostarinen, Mirella Peltonen, Anni Pitkäjärvi, Ariane Relander, Anna Spaak, Hanna Spaak, Hanna Särökaari, Fanni Suvila, Elina Ulvio, Ines Wartiainen, Hao Wu