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History as Catalyst

8 projects to re-think our cities through architecture and craftsmanship: the Aarhus School of Architecture takes history as a point of departure. #MDW2016


Salone 2016


Starting from materials

Twenty projects from the Material Futures MA integrating analogue and digital materials in a quest to find new responses to the needs, desires and challenges of the future. #MDW2016


Salone 2016 / la redazione di Domus

Boring Furniture

In a playful landscape of grey office furniture and mountains and crumpled paper balls, Lensvelt presented its new monochromatic collection at the Fuorisalone. #MDW2016


Salone 2016


Aero bicycle

During Milan Design Week three architects bring to Milan a wooden and carbon fiber bicycle, a work of structural engineering that explores the possibilities of materials. #MDW2016


Salone 2016


Terra Cotta #2.2

From Talia Mukmel, a project of cultural mix, traditional techniques combined with modern technologies in search of a new identity, perhaps the rising of a new culture?



The Italian Alchemy

In a former chemistry lab in Ventura Scatto Italiano and Wafer Boards with the illustrator Matthew Morelli tell a story of craftsmanship and sustainability.