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Education in Kigali

Kigali, Rwanda, coordinates a knowledge reform. Africa’s common initiatives are powerful re-shapers of its cities, which bid to host them.


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Best of Norway

Forefront sports centers, warm interiors and social design. Don’t miss the best stories from Norway.




Just like pushcarts, the Push/Pull collection transforms a coat rack into a sofa, or a desk into a bar: moving furniture designed by CL3 and Lim + Lu for the Cornell University.




C.A.R.L. auditorium

The educational centre in Aachen by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects comprises two solid masses united by an airy, transparent atrium cutting through the building in a ziggurat pattern.




Shou Sugi Ban

Convinced that buildings can be made by non-professionals, Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori built a tea house in the Barbican, together with Kingston University students.



Hillel House

Designed by studio Natoma Architects in San Francisco, this religious building features a local red brick facade as a textured fabric draped in an abstract menorah.