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Sou Fujimoto’s designed a compact, essential bookcase from which you can extract a chair, reflecting the basic relationship between a book and its reader. #MDW2017




House Vision 2

Comprising twelve projects and some other few small interventions, the second edition of “House Vision” offered a domestic exploration for a near-future scenario.


Architecture / Rafael A. Balboa

Sou Fujimoto: Potato Head

Potato Head Hong Kong’s design showcases a deft mix of contemporary and traditional influences through lightweight metal fixtures with heavy crafted teak wood.




Fujimoto: forest of light

Sou Fujimoto creates for COS, in the spaces of the former Cinema Arti, a space that is both intimate and open, in which visitors interact with the element most pure: light. #MDW2016


Salone 2016 / la redazione di Domus


A Japanese Constellation

Organised by Pedro Gadanho, the new MoMA’s architecture exhibition provides an overview of Toyo Ito’s career and his influence as a mentor to a new generation of Japanese architects.



Futures of the future

A recent exhibition in Tokyo offered the chance of reconsidering many of Sou Fujimoto’s first ideas and manifestoes, and the concept of “future”, which has been a recurrent concept in the intellectual work of the architect from the start of his career.


Architecture / Rafael A. Balboa, Ilze Paklone