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Wood-clad extension

MoederscheimMoonen’s design resolved the various spatial bottlenecks found in and around a home in Stein, through an ingenious combination of renovation and expansion.




360 Villa

Designed by 123DV in Rotterdam, the single family house features a continuous window that provides a 360 degree connection between the inside and outside of the house.



House in Dobříš

The owners of a plot in Dobříš, Czech Republic, wanted a house with no angles and in solidarity with the forest behind its back, so Mimosa Architekti built a fluid building covered with larch shakes.




Casa Verne

Zeller & Moye renovated a house from the 30s in the heart of Mexico City, adding a roof garden, new patios and openings, contemporary finishes and custom made furniture.




De Beauvoir House

London-based Cousins & Cousins Architects designed a single family house’s extension in London, a lightweight structural timber insertion that harmonised the layout of the internal spaces.



MVRDV: Casa Kwantes

The single family house by MVRDV in Rotterdam opens up to the south with curved windows following the entire winding facade wrapped around a central olive tree.