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Best of the Week

From a series of unfinished buildings in China and Asia — a result of the "real estate craze" of the boom years — to an exhibition on Cyprien Gaillard, an artist who reads the present through episodes and architecture of the past, here are this week's best stories.




Fitness by design

Can data heal? Yes, argues Dan Hon, whose type 2 diabetes spurred him to embrace "personal informatics" devices such as the Nike FuelBand and the Fitbit. Yet as such devices become a part of everyday life, a new challenge emerges: the Balkanisation of health data across multiple platforms.


Design / Dan Hon

An interview with Nicholas Felton

Accompanying our review of Facebook Timeline, Domus interviews lead designer Nicholas Felton about filtering the noise of social media and mirroring personal memory. Features exclusive early sketches of Timeline.


Interviews / Dan Hill