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Droids On Roids

The office by mode:lina in Wrocław, Poland, features icons placed on a black stripe and on doors, a visual code that allows to identify the function of each space.




Start-up incubator

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has completed the overhaul of an existing office building in Shanghai that has been turned into an innovation incubator for Hi-Tech start-up companies.



Time for Impact

Time for Impact is an online platform that promotes urgent challenges in the built environment that are in need of design expertise, spatial know-how and budget.




King office space

Designed by the Stockholm-based studio Adolfsson & Partners, King K36 office is a flexible space and provides multiple places suited for all types of operation methods. 




Bureau de la Mutuelle

The young Paris-based architectural firm GRAMME designed an interior that unites a call center and a
40-person office in the same space.



28 in 28 in 4

Marc Goodwin did an ultra-marathon of photo-shoots: 28 architectural offices in 28 days, in four Scandinavian capital cities to see how architectural offices differ between each country.


Photo-essays / Marc Goodwin