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Ana House by Kochi

By seeing all the rooms at once through dramatic cuts on floors and walls, Kochi’s single family house in Tokyo is a ‘cubist’ intervention on architecture, to increase the perception of space.  




Ono-Sake Warehouse

The Ono-Sake Warehouse designed by Eureka studio and G architects in Tsukuba, Japan, is a wide shop dedicated to the distribution of sake that by night turns into a lantern.




The design for the plaza, completed by Japanese studio Nendo in Tenri, offers a convivial atmosphere and leads visitors to hum, happily, while they’re there.




Shou Sugi Ban

Convinced that buildings can be made by non-professionals, Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori built a tea house in the Barbican, together with Kingston University students.




Toranoko Nursery

The nursery designed by Takashige Yamashita Office in Japan is charachterized by the gentle curvature of the roofs to create a sequence of scenery and divide the different spaces.



A compact wooden hut

Put it in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, and the Muji Hut immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life