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Void and traces

Vincenzo Latina’s project for the regeneration of the Lampedusa old quarries lends a voice to the memory of one of the largest and most desperate migrations of our times while, at the same time, doing justice to the island’s tourist vocation.


Architecture / Paola Barbera







Local Editions


6 x 2 (la quarta Italia)

Great cultures are built upon great contradictions which is why Italy is one of the world’s contradictors in chief.


Op-ed / Jeffrey Schnapp


Small giants

The “ancient future” of the Made in Italy reveals some Italian companies like Cangiari and Taroni, and how their entrepreneurship is linked to local territories full of memories and secrets.


Design / Chiara Alessi

An endangered masterpiece

The Villa Nemazee in Tehran, designed by Gio Ponti and built between 1957 and 1964, slated for demolition. To halt demolition, an international petition is underway.


Architecture / Maria Manuela Leoni