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Africa for Europe

This year’s “What Design Can Do” festival in Amsterdam focused strongly on Africa as a place of challenges and stimuli, thanks partly to collaboration with Design Indaba.


Architecture / Nicola Bozzi


Urban Mining

Ashley Heather’s jewellery collection, presented at Design Indaba, is handcrafted using silver and gold reclaimed from circuit boards by a small refinery in South Africa.



Yellow Fever

Invited at Design Indaba 2015, Ng’endo Mukii started from her animation Yellow Fever to discuss the representation of people termed as ‘indigenous’ in ethnographic film and photography.




Best of #March

In March Domusweb celebrated the spring dedicating space to the relationship between architecture and nature, in residential projects and photography. We went to Africa and New York, returning to Italy for the Design Week’s previews.




An ambiguous lesson from African design

“Africa is now”, curated by Design Indaba let us discover an intelligent design not just “Made in Africa” but “Made for Africa”, triggered by local needs and that turns them into answers with a global reach.


Reviews / Chiara Alessi

Best of 2012 #design

From an exhibition where the viewer becomes part of the design process to a growing number of repair groups inverting a throwaway mentality, here are this year's best design stories.