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Best of #March

Farms and old houses renovations, kinetic stools, dancing bacteria and a journey in Kurdistan. 
Discover here the best of March.




Desert X

Sixteen international artists took over the Coachella Valley, amplifying the geographies, ethnic, social, historical and geologic layers that exist in the southern California desert.



Casa Caldera

In the quintessential wild west landscape, studio DUST designed a small shelter, nestled amongst emory oaks and manzanitas, made out of rammed red scoria, cement and water. 




Desert Courtyard House

The Desert Courtyard House has been designed by Wendell Burnette Architects as a form that evolved from the surrounding landscape, with courtyard walls that literally grow from the site itself.




Vocation and desert

Built from concrete blocks, particleboard panels, polycarbonate, steel and polished concrete, the Carranza House relates directly to its setting — the harsh Mexicali desert, with its strong winds and burning light.


Architecture / Ulises Omar Zúñiga García

Down to Earth

At the Center for Land Use Interpretation, an exhibition surveys eleven aircraft crash sites in the western Mojave Desert, which since the dawn of the jet and space ages has been the principal place for testing experimental aircraft.