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The whole world, mapped

To celebrate its 128 years, National Geographic has united some of its most interesting infographics in a book by Taschen that shows how the magazine has refused to let software hijack its visualisations.


Reviews / Stefania Garassini


In-screen sports graphics

The increasingly sophisticated visualisation of sports statistics can be extended to other fields, such as building or commerce, and help to improve the general quality of information.


Design / Max Gadney

Ryoji Ikeda: data.anatomy [civic]

The Japanese artist's latest installation is a commercially-driven piece, but makes something as familiar as a Honda Civic seem like one of the most otherworldly, beautiful things ever seen.


Art / Crystal Bennes


The importance of being axonometric

With digitalised data and processes making transmission of knowledge increasingly abstract and intangible, information design has become crucially urgent — Michael Stoll, a university teacher and collector, explains the principles and scale of this discipline.


Interviews / Marco Ferrari Elisa Pasqual


Freedomland: a biting satire

Keith Krumwiede's exhibition at the WUHO gallery makes you scratch your head – over the show itself, and that which it parodies.


Architecture / Katya Tylevich

I/O/I. The Senses of Machines

An exhibition reflects on the relationship between man and machine at the Disseny Hub Barcelona.


Design / Ethel Baraona Pohl