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Ceci n’est pas une copie

On display at CID – Centre for Innovation and Design, “Ceci n’est pas une copie” sets out in search of the nature and significance of copying techniques in contemporary design.




The Transaction Project

Applying 3D printing to the problem of ceramic and glass compatibility, a group of designers created an iterative process that allows rapid testing of materials and form. 



Adhocracy: the third industrial revolution

An exhibition at the New Museum offers a collection of signals that point toward the range of new social, political, economic, and artistic possibilities generated by new modes of production.


Design / Nicola Twilley


The Belgian affair

Can such a thing as "Belgian design" exist, in a country where the lack of a sharply defined common identity is arguably an identity in itself? The growing influence of a series of events, institutions and design studios suggests that Belgium is enjoying a fruitful phase of creative vitality.


Design / Justin McGuirk


Domus 966 on newsstands now

The February issue of Domus captures Gaza through the lens of Antonio Ottomanelli, and features a special report on Belgian contemporary architecture and design, with new projects by 51N4E, de vylder vinck taillieu, Nikolas Firket, and Dierendonckblancke.



The new industrial revolution

Curated by Jan Boelen, Z33's exhibition The Machine provides a conceptually solid framework to understand some of the most dramatic shifts in design today.


Design / Nicola Bozzi