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Critical Proximity

Through a series of entangled instances of history and architecture in Palestine, the book edited by Petti, Hilal and Weizman asks the question: “what is decolonization today?”


Reviews / Nick Axel


General intellect of the new materialism

Neomaterialism by Joshua Simon prevents us to fall of perceiving new materialism as a minimalistic approach as well as to reconsider our practice as a curator, architect and artist in transversal way.


Reviews / Pelin Tan

Critical Spatial Practice

In the Critical Spatial Practice book series, editors Nikolaus Hirsch and Markus Miessen construct a larger discursive foundation about how space can be interpreted as a political medium within which action can take place.


Reviews / Nick Axel


The culture of things

Almost complementing each other, an essay and a long poem based on "forensic architecture" can be viewed as the beginnings of a new field that has emerged in recent years: Dingpolitik, or the culture of things.


Reviews / Joshua Simon