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States of Design 11: Handmade Design

In the past 20 years, handcrafts have returned with growing force to animate the theoretical debate surrounding design, in step with the changing state of the world and its markets. Retracing the developments of crafts and artefacts can help us understand a key issue of contemporary design and culture.


Design / Paola Antonelli

States of Design 08: Après moi, le déluge

Has chair design really been done to death? From the informal seats of the radical movements of the Sixties to Konstantin Grcic's exercises in technological elegance, a survey of one of industrial design's archetypal challenges.


Design / Paola Antonelli

States of Design 01: Visualization

In a new series, the design curator of MoMA reflects on the status of central design disciplines today. The first installment reflects on the currency of visualization design.


Design / Paola Antonelli