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Dubai: Cities Boutique

At Design Days Dubai 2017 Cities Boutique will present the works of Libanese designer Nada Debs, conceptual designer Stelios Mousarris and Lebanese architect Tarek El Kassouf.




BIG: The Courtscraper

Designed by BIG in New York, Via 57 West is a hybrid between the European perimeter block and a traditional Manhattan high-rise, combining the advantages of both.



Permasteelisa in Manhattan

Six Manhattan buildings selected from hundreds of constructions around the world whose envelope was designed and realised in conjunction with Permasteelisa. With Domus 1003 a special report with 23 buildings signed by outstanding architects.


News / Gabriele Masera


The Mile

The Mile, a design for a one-mile high vertical park and observation deck will be the world’s highest  construction. Carlo Ratti Associati will present it at Cannes’ MIPIM 2016.




Allianz tower

With its 242 meters high, the new star of the Milanese skyline – designed by Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei in the former Trade Fair district – is a sequence of elegant rounded profiles of extra-clear glass, which seems to vibrate as it climbs toward the sky.



Aquatic Benidorm

Manuel Alvarez Diestro depicts one of the most touristic spot in Spain, seen trough the eye of a tourist in the water, but some tension appears as the water seems to cover the skyscrapers.