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Alpine house

Armin Pedevilla and Caroline Willeit chose as their residence an ancient "viles" in the Dolomites, restored preserving the intrinsic character of the house.


News / Gustav Ludwig Willeit


An Urban Interior

With a focus on the section, Turin-based studio Marc transforms a 1920's barn into a single family home, without distorting the original shell.


Architecture / Fabrizia Vecchione

A medical office

In the Belgian village of Dudzele, architects Cristian Panaite and Katrien Devreese complete a medical office, replacing a derelict structure with a new building that develops over four separate volumes.




The new entrance to the Arsenale

In the conversion of the northern entrance to the famous Arsenale, Andres Holguín Torres, David Morales Hernandez and Alvaro Solis Sanchez reinvent the interior space adding some volumes and leaving the original 16th century structure untouched.


Architecture / Paola Pellegrini


Valentino Stella: exhibition space

The Italian architect has recently completed the renovation of a former school, adapting it to a new program and crowning the building with a metallic platform, offering visitors the opportunity to admire the striking natural surroundings.



Provencher Roy: Quebec and Canadian Art Pavilion

Through restraint and permeability, the Canadian studio's new Bourgie Pavilion of Quebec and Canadian Art rises from a reconverted 19th century church, seeking to establish a dialogue with the city.