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Best of #water

Seen as inspiration or as a healing landscape: discover the best stories about our first element.




Radical Seafaring

Artist-made vessels, creative expeditions, dramatic tragedies or alternative communities at the see: the Parrish Art Museum will show works created on water by contemporary artists.



Seen and Unseen

The exhibition at Parrish Art Museum explores the parallels and divergences in the work of Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson, who reinvented traditional landscape and still-life painting







May 2013


Local Editions


Konstantin Grcic / Emeco

The new modular seating presented at the Milan Furniture Fair features three frames and four seats, part of the furniture collection designed by Grcic for the Parrish Art Museum, the recently opened building designed by Herzog & de Meuron in New York.



Parrish Art Museum

Herzog & de Meuron's new Parrish Art Museum's seemingly simplistic form allows — and then overturns — superficial first impressions, implicitly critiquing contemporary architecture's obsession with iconic form.


Architecture / Matthew Allen