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Best of #April

Among the best stories of April, Milan Design Week, two artistic installations, effective house renovations and the new General Local Plan for Tirana.




Totally LED

The latest edition of Euroluce demonstrated how  design has assimilated change, with the introduction of LED technology to create new forms that were previously unthinkable. #MDW17


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Together with an entomologist, a composer and a sound designer, OFL Architecture conceived an interactive “sound garden” where insects are the DJs of a digital soundtrack.


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A life extraordinary

In a 1,700 sqm space in Milan, Moooi explored the world of hospitality, luxury and interiors, inviting the visitors to “come closer” to an opulent, extraordinary life. #MDW2017


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BASE becomes nomadic

Stefano Mirti speaks to us about the first exhibition wholly curated by BASE with works of more than twenty designers on the theme of nomadism and its many facets. #MDW2017


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Showcased at the the Università degli Studi di Milano, Luca Trazzi designed a chameleon-like structure that changed its appearance according to the incident light. #MDW2017