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Technology meets tradition

The chair designed by Brodie Neill mixes traditional materials (e.g. solid wood) with advanced technology – from CNC machines to solid modelling – to avoid using moulds.


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Between India and Milan

From the collaboration between Matteo Cibic and Scarlet Splendour two collections that ironically mix traditional Indian forms and contemporary materials were born.



Totpoc: Oboo

Totpoc explored the principle of the typical spanish structure Majano, made of piled up stones, to conceive this wooden plate that can be used for all kinds of recipes.





After the installation at FuoriSalone, Gionata Gatto and Giovanni Innella’s research project to transform polluted land into a resource through “mining” plants is becoming reality.




USM: Rethink the modular

The 50 years of USM Haller system offer a good opportunity to rethink the concept of modularity, with a project curated by Tido von Oppeln and Burkhard Meltzer, claiming the importance of the culture of design and the strong connection to research.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero

Touch That Taste!

Martyna Barbara Golik’s project Touch That Taste! is an attempt to translate food’s smell and taste into touch and vision to create experimental collection of textile objects.