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Eames and Hollywood

Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, but also the world behind Hollywood, photographed by Ray and Charles Eames, on view at ADAM - Art & Design Atomium Museum.




Regionalism and globality

The Eames show in Britain is not so much just a re-run 15 years on from the last exhibition. Rather, it is a possibility to reconsider the attention with which British architectural culture of the late twentieth century has observed, commented, and made its own, the work of the two American designers.


Design / Francesco Zuddas


Curated by Jim Walrod for R & Company, “Difficult” explores some of the less-than-laudatory initial
responses to works that have since become icons of 20th century design.




Best of #Theaters

Ten contemporary projects, a series of photographs and two historical realizations to represent the world of the theater as a work of architecture, performance space and expression of a community.




Building domesticity

The exhibition “Designing Home” offers a chance to think once more about the combined worth of a generation of thinkers of forms, after the Great War and the ensuing loss of faith in the and functionalist optimism of early Modernism.


Architecture / Francesco Zuddas

Best of #Archive

From Domus’ archive, a selection of projects and writings published over the years by the magazine, which tell the history of architecture, design and art.