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Play Parade

The first exhibition by the Vitra Design Museum especially conceived for children and families, “Play Parade” demonstrates how seriously Charles and Ray Eames regarded their work with toys.




Plywood at the V&A

The new Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition, exploring the eclectic history of plywood and its global impact from the 1850s to the present day, opens in London.



Eames and Hollywood

Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, but also the world behind Hollywood, photographed by Ray and Charles Eames, on view at ADAM - Art & Design Atomium Museum.




Regionalism and globality

The Eames show in Britain is not so much just a re-run 15 years on from the last exhibition. Rather, it is a possibility to reconsider the attention with which British architectural culture of the late twentieth century has observed, commented, and made its own, the work of the two American designers.


Design / Francesco Zuddas



Curated by Jim Walrod for R & Company, “Difficult” explores some of the less-than-laudatory initial
responses to works that have since become icons of 20th century design.



Best of #Theaters

Ten contemporary projects, a series of photographs and two historical realizations to represent the world of the theater as a work of architecture, performance space and expression of a community.