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Sun Splashed

Referencing to African tribal art and African American “folk” traditions, Nari Ward’s mid-career survey at the Barnes Foundation touches the dynamics of power and politics.




Best of #grey

While Mr. Grey’s adventures are back on the beaches, we tell you ten stories about “shades of grey”, from silver to concrete.



Endolith Casts

With her installation Dana Barnes creates a landscape of concrete forms colonized by unexpected, texturally intricate structures and color reminiscent of the endolith lichens.




From books to infrastructure

Most people think of Amazon as little more than an online bookstore, but it could be one of the defining forces of 21st–century life—an algorithmically managed infrastructure company that has single–handedly rewritten the publishing industry's rulebook.


Design / James Bridle


Richard Barnes: Unnatural Spaces

A retrospective exhibition surveys the complications between built space and the artifice of display.