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Think global, build social!

The Museum of African Design in Johannesburg investigates on which solutions can architecture offer to people that have no access to a well designed environment. 




The drama of art

The Centro Arti Visive Pescheria of Pesaro celebrates its 20th anniversary with two new installations by Jannis Kounellis, who discusses with the director Ludovico Pratesi how the works were born.


Art / Ludovico Pratesi

Lars Backer

“Lars Backer – Architect. A Pioneer of Norwegian Modernism” is an exhibition about the architect who brought the International Style to Norway.




Huaxin Wisdom Hub

Designed by Atelier Deshaus in Shanghai, Huaxin Wisdon Hub is a place for promoting communication and sharing wisdom, with multifunction spaces, conference and exhibition rooms. 




House Vision

With “Co-dividual”, House Vision 2016 explores new living solutions and survival strategies showing how we will live in the future, starting from Japan.