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Le Blé en Herbe

Designed by Matali Crasset this rural school in Trébédan, France, partly a renovation of the existing buildings and partly new, is conceived as an activity platform.




Fara Marine Colony

Giulia Bianchi, photographer, and Nello Brunelli, writer, have investigated the history and abandonment of one of the fascist marine colonies, the Fara in Chiavari, Italy.


Photo-essays / Giulia Bianchi

Macro Sea: G27

Macro Sea transformed the former Roka manufacturing complex in Berlin into a residence for students living abroad mixing contemporary Danish, Bavarian vintage and custom made furniture.




Superunion: Atelier Felix

Kunstnernes Hus’ new public atelier and exhibition space, in Oslo, is a place painted in soft colors that can be divided into three zones by a traslucent curtain and its soft curves.




Ferréol Babin: Paysage

Through the usage of plain and bright colors French designer Ferréol Babin transforms his handmade rugs into colored abstractions of existing landscapes.



Tube Innsbruck

Numen / For Use’s  installation for “aut. architektur und tirol” uses stitched safety nets to shape the form of a closed hose that offers surreal angles as we move through the mesh.