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Concrete Memory

Sara Moiola tells the story of Alberto Burri’s work in Gibellina Vecchia, an open-air cathedral caught in an infinity yard, with the spontaneous vegetation as the only spectator.




Glitches in Alltagsobjekte

Born from Vincent Brinkmann and Jan Sengstake’s workshop at the University of Arts Bremen, this project seeing glitches as an influence from the digital to the physical.



Yusuke Seki: Maruhiro

For the renovation of Maruhiro flagship store in Nagasaki, Japan, Yusuke Seki used 25,000 locally sourced imperfect, white, tableware to create new levels in the space.




TOMA!: The Porthole

Designed by TOMA! and winner of jury and public award at FAV 2015, the anamorphic architecture transforms a circle in a habitable sculpture on the seafront of La Grande-Motte.




Mandela High School

Inspired by the figure of the industrial hall – linked with the Île de Nantes’ past – François Leclercq designed this school as a place for learning to live with differences through the mutual visibility afforded by its long atrium.



A Matter of Colour

Dean Brown’s exhibition at the Sèvres Gallery, Paris, refers to different facets of the colouring process, demonstrating the journey from pigment, through swatch to full colour.