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A Focus on Materials

#119 Four new projects by four artistic designers – Anastasio, Branzi, Guazzini e Zanellato – animated the rooms at Galleria Luisa delle Piane during the Milan Design Week. #salone2015


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Dubai Art and Design

Amid the glittering stands of gold and crystal objects that seem keen to compete for the most boorish ostentation of wealth, some episodes speak a very different language and centre on women in the white Design Days tent.


Design / Maria Luisa Palumbo

Primitive Wave

#124 For cc-tapis, the young designer Chiara Andreatti presents a collection inspired by Berber rugs, sullied with graphic signs drawn from the Weimar school. #salone2015


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FUHA: Fabrica for Daikin

#123 A new exhibition organised by Fabrica with Formafantasma for Daikin is a poetic design exercise showcasing the many facets of air. #salone2015


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Vondom at Atellani

#122 During the Design Week the Spanish outdoor-furnishing company Vondom showcased its collections in the splendid setting of Casa degli Atellani in Milan. #salone2015


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Technological marble

#121 Mixing traditional materials, Italian craftsmanship and modern technology is the focus of Clique Editions, a brand founded by Claudio Larcher and Filippo Protasoni. #salone2015


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