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Making Africa

In the next exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum Africa is presented as a hub of experimentation generating new approaches and solutions of worldwide relevance.




Alphaville: Skyhole

Combining spaces for working and living together, Alphaville Architects invites us to further reconsider the smallest scale, where clues to revitalize lifestyle in Japanese suburbia might be embedded.


Architecture / Rafael A. Balboa Ilze Paklone

Adam & Eva Collection

Andrea Santamarina expands her Flat Twins collection with a series of vases representing Adam and Eva drawn like the vignettes of a 3D storyboard.




Mexico Pavilion

Appointed for the Mexican Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 the studio Francisco López Guerra Almada, took inspiration from the food that best represents the country’s agriculture: corn.




NAAD: Ephemeral House

Applying the same plywood material on every existing surface of the living space, NAAD transformed a 100-year-old wooden building in Kyoto into a temporary dwelling, avoiding hierarchical dichotomy between past and present.



Monaco Pavilion

Enrico Pollini’s project for the Monaco Pavilion at Expo 2015 uses few readable elements – the container, the land and the tent – to talk about nutrition and solidarity.