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Imperial Pomp

Frank Herfort has been criss-crossing Russia for the last four years photographing his long-term project “Imperial Pomp – Post Soviet Highrise”. His images of monstrously massive buildings with an overwhelming presence seem to come from another time and dimension.




Color Field

Color Field is the title of Ivan Toth Depeña’s new public art installation for West Rail Line’s Federal Center Station in Lakewood, Colorado.



Marblue: HeadFoams

Born from the need to create safer headphone for children, HeadFoams is a collection of foam, mono-body headphones designed by Marblue.







“Arena” exhibition, at CoCA in Toruń, is an experimental laboratory, a showcase of the degree, to which politics and art have approximated in the last decades. It is an indication of the dramatization of our times and the domination of major media in creating the image of reality.


Art / Marcin Szczelina Tomasz Malkowski


Mortuary house in Vila Caiz

Raul Sousa Cardoso & Graca Vaz designed in Amarante, near Oporto, a mortuary house that emerges as a filter between the residential context and the universe of contemplation of the distant mountains.



Burkhardt Leitner stand

The exhibition stand designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group for Burkhardt Leitner constructive showcases creative ways of employing its modular architecture systems.


News / Zooey Braun