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Ricciotti, architect

The French architect's retrospective at the Cité de l’Architecture is all about images. The only exception are Ricciotti’s prototypes or “testimonies to the memory of the work”: impressive, instructive and intriguing.


Architecture / Léa Catherine Szacka


Festival Hautes Tensions

With circus arts, hip hop and a parkour contest, La Villette becomes a stage for bodies in movement. In tension. High voltage.


News / Martina De Fabrizio

Matali Crasset: Stick

During Euroluce 2013, Italian lighting manufacturer Fabbian presented the French designer's new collection of lamps: made of Ayous wood, Stick features a modular shape inspired by a pair of pliers.




Giacomo Moor / Attraverso / Postdesign

Using reclaimed oak beams, young designer Giacomo Moor creates a limited series of furnishings for Post Design gallery, creating surprising details with colour and volume. Video in Italian




Wendy Plomp / Dutch Invertuals

At the Spazio O', the Dutch design collective presents a solid exhibition where all works are linked by the idea of transformation, from chemical reactions to unfinished, modular constructions.



Jordi Vilardell: Meridiano

The Meridiano collection of outdoor lamps possesses a twofold functionality that activates a hybridisation process, resulting in objects that are half lamp and half seat.


News / Giulia Guzzini