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Camponovo Baumgartner: House C

The Swiss architecture studio completes the refurbishment of an 100 year-old historical barn into a weekend house, preserving the original façade and creating a series of contrasts between the outside and inside.




BKS: Fanion rugs

Presented as part of the D3 contest exhibition at IMM Cologne, this collection of rugs plays with an optical illusion, transforming the fringes into graphic elements that add a third dimension to the woolen surfaces.



Expo 1: New York

Through 15 March, MoMA PS1 and MoMA's Department of Architecture and Design launch the Rockaway Call for Ideas to create a sustainable waterfront, in an effort to foster the creative debate on urban recovery after Hurricane Sandy.




Nendo: Nendo w132

In a striking installation at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the Japanese design studio presented a new lamp for Swedish lighting manufacturer Wästberg: made by assembling three different parts, it is a flexible, rearrangeable fixture.




Balloons and render ghosts

Long before buildings become physical entities, they enter the world as images — yet the messages implicit in these visualisations are rarely interrogated or decoded. James Bridle ventures into that realm of unachievable hyperreality that is architectural rendering.


Architecture / James Bridle

Traverso–Vighy: return to zero

Giovanni Traverso and Paola Vighy explore the positive aspects of the zero-mile lifestyle: their new office is a wooden box that produces more energy — and ethics — than it consumes.


Architecture / Laura Bossi