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Sweet & Salt

Focusing on the evolving relationship the Dutch have with water, this is an optimistic, instructive and beautifully presented volume that should be required reading for urban planners, architects, city officials and civil engineers.


Reviews / William Myers


elii: House of Would

In less than two weeks, the Spanish architecture studio has completed a house made of wooden prefabricated components, seven modular volumes articulated around a central courtyard, using the terrain's slope to define private and living spaces.



Thurnauer: Fold

At Maison & Objet, Marie Thurnauer presented a new mirror for Normann Copenhagen: Fold slopes outwardly from the wall, seeking to take the viewer by surprise and creating an extra and unexpected dimension.




Arduino out of the box

Containing an entire childhood universe of small pieces and coloured wires, the Arduino Starter Kit contains everything needed to enter a fantastic world where things speak to each other, empowering its users with robotic literacy.


Design / Antonio Scarponi


New India Designscape

From a pedal-driven washing machine to a bamboo bicycle, Indian design is focusing on high-profile craftwork and the rediscovery of traditions by investing in the creation of small village economies — as shown by an exhibition at the Triennale, curated by Simona Romano and Avnish Mehta.


Design / Elena Sommariva