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Souto de Moura: Atlas de Parede

A look at the visual archive behind the work of the Portuguese architect and latest Pritzker laureate.


Reviews / Vera Sacchetti


Maaike Roozenburg: Kenzan

Presented at Object Rotterdam, a reinterpretation of Delftware brings it closer to its Eastern origins.



Africa, within reach

Peter Lang lectures on the 60s and 70s Italian vanguards at Mexico City's LIGA Espacio Para Arquitectura.




KME's new showroom

Emulating an art gallery, this multipurpose space is a neutral area which allows the contents to emerge.




Souvenirs perdus d'un village lointain

Presented as an installation, Studio Jo Meesters' new textile collection captures nature and brings it inside the home.



A memorial for Mike Kelley

In this spontaneous recreation of Kelley's work, one finds suggestions and fragments of his life and the lives he touched.


Art / Katya Tylevich