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La Vague

Designed by Arcadia Studio in Montreal, La Vague (the wave) is made of 74 wooden frames that rotate in three degree intervals, suggesting the motion of a wave.




Cedric Price. McAppy

The exhibition at the CCA in Montreal emphasizes the social role of the architect by rethinking traditional field practices and pursuing strategies to initiate social progress.



Heinz Waibl

The exhibition at the UQAM in Montreal explores the creative and professional path of Heinz Waibl, a major figure in the Milanese graphic design scene of the 1950’s.




Dandurand Residences

Designed by _naturehumaine studio in Montreal, the project consisted in renovating and expanding a duplex built in the 1920s that housed three dwelling units.




Phyllis Lambert

The Center for Canadian Architecture (CCA) presents “Phyllis Lambert: 75 Years At Work”, an exhibition retracing the exceptional career of its Founding Director Emeritus.



Café Pista

After spending two years on wheels, the Pista Café Mobile in Montreal settles down in a luminous café designed by Les Ateliers Guyon, shifting from nomad to sedentary.