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Charlemagne Palestine

Obsessed by teddy bears, Brussels-based artist and performer Charlemagne Palestine filled up the Jewish Museum of New York with hundreds of colourful plush toys.  




Miguel Calderón, Free fall

Through a film and an installation, Miguel Calderón’s latest exhibition in New York tells a story on falconry and the unique interdependence between man and animal.



Etsy headquarters

With a strong commitment to sustainability, regenerative ecosystems, reuse and shared communities, Gensler unveiled the new Etsy headquarters in NY.




Edible Schoolyard

WORKac built New York City’s first Edible Schoolyard, transforming a half-acre of the existing parking lot into a thriving organic garden with a greenhouse, an indoor kitchen classroom and a “Systems Wall” articulated as a series of playful volumes covered in a bright blue rubber coating.


Architecture / Iwan Baan


Materializing "Six Years"

An impressive Conceptualist class reunion at the Brooklyn Museum revisits Lucy Lippard's seminal, flowing book-as-bibliography, endowing a specific group of often "ephemeral" works with a historical anchor.


Art / Zachary Sachs

Weiss/Manfredi: Visitor Centre

This sinuous, cinematic building draws visitors in, mediating the transition between the surrounding urban area and the oasis of vegetation housed in the historical Brooklyn Botanic Garden.