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Pastry shop in Beirut

Designed by Studio Etienne Basi in Beirut, this monochromatic pastry shop features an “urban mirror” that aim at extending the street into the store and vice versa.




As cold as white stone

On display at Ayyam Gallery in Beirut, “As Cold as a White Stone” explores what Lara Zankoul describes as “the coldness, resistance, and numbness of human relationships nowadays.” 





Challenging taboos and social issues, Lebanese designer Richard Yasmin presents a collection of jugs, wine glasses and lamps with phallic explicit references.




Silence in Beirut

“Silence”, in Beirut, is an interesting design experiment with the precariousness of urban space jeopardised by noise pollution and other annoyances.


Design / Marco Petroni


Richard Yasmine: Ashkal

Conceived by Richard Yasmine for the Sursock museum store, Ashkal is a contemporary design object inspired by the early Sixties when the museum opened its door.



Beit Beirut

Dalia Chabarek and Camillo Boano in conversation with Mona El Hallak, the woman that fights to preserve the Beit Beirut building as memory of the old city.


Interviews / Dalia Chabarek, Camillo Boano