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Poilu vases

As a result of a research work on materials, nature and mathematics, Studio Bold designed a collection of 3D printed vases for Aybar Gallery, using organic materials such as bamboo.




Mass Tables

Mixing cork leftovers and plaster, Odd Matter Studio designed a series of lightweight tables with terrazzo-like finishings, on show at the Aybar Gallery in Miami.



Aybar Gallery: Globe

At the Aybar Gallery eight designers showcase their experimental work for the Limited Editions project launched in Milan by curator Francisco Polo and later landed in Miami. 




Design Miami 2016

From fancy fast food by Ole Scheeren and Dean & De Luca, to brass lamps by Michael Anastassiades; from sculpture-like design by Trevyn and Julian McGowan, to parametrically made lava stools by Guillermo Parada – this and more struck our fancy at the recent Design Miami fair.


Design / Maria Cristina Didero


The Happy Room

Interlace, brass, inlays and a colour palette from the Fifties mark Fendi’s nostalgic furniture collection designed by Cristina Celestino and unveiled at Design Miami Basel.



BMW Art Car

The BMW Art Car designed by John Baldessari at Miami Basel is the company’s nineteenth edition and reinterprets the main elements of the conceptual artist’s career.