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Scenographies of Power

“Scenographies of Power”, on show at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, reveals how in the spatial materializations of the exception, the aesthetic becomes political.




Home in the pine forest

Spatial continuity is the main feature of the single family house designed by Ramón Esteve in Madrid, whose whole interior space opens and orients itself to a pine forest.



Plastic waste labyrinth

Luzinterruptus conceived a claustrophobic labyrinth in Madrid, built with the bottles that tourists and inhabitants had been consumed in the square during a month.




Zooco: Nuilea shop

To keep the architectural space free from heavy interventions, Zooco Estudio designed a customizable modular system for the Nuilea cosmetics shop in Madrid.




elii: Letto

Designed by elii in Madrid, the apartment renovation is arranged around six strips with alternating living areas and service areas, guaranteeing the utmost functional flexibility.



City in Process

The exhibition at CentroCentro in Madrid comprises projects based on social and cultural themes that are being contemplated, designed or in the process of being built right now.