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Creueta house

Zest Architecture led the renovation project of a single family house which was originally owned by an artist in Barcelona, and transformed it into an A energy house.




CrosS bicycle

The new CrosS ebike by Otocycles, the Barcelona electric bikes manufacturer, is inspired by the ones that its creators enjoyed in their childhood, in the eighties.



El Mama

Using oxymoron as a core design concept, Spanish studio El Equipo Creativo designed a café/restaurant in Barcelona that juxtaposes two bars: El Mama and La Papa.




Raval Hideaway

Hideaway in Raval is a living studio, designed by Sarriera + Weinstock in Barcelona, with a garden buffer area that serves as a privacy barrier from the street.




Aribau apartment

YLAB Arquitectos renovated an apartment in Barcelona for a client that wanted a holiday house with traditonal finishes, such as hydraulic tile flooring and moldings.



Bellavista restaurant

The Bellavista restaurant by El Equipo Creativo is a place in Barcelona where guests can enjoy a relaxed and fun environment and where they would feel at home.